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Item/File Ext.
standing committee on environmental protection, water and waste management minutes 10, of the meeting of tuesday, 15 september 2020
EPWWM Draft Minutes 10 (EN)
EPWWM Draft Minutes 10 (FR)
epwwm 01-20 - residential front-yard gardens / expansion of community gardens
Residential Community Garden Expansion
epwwm 03-20 - clean water supply and private wells
Clean Water Supply and Private Wells
environmental stewardship advisory committee - proposed 2020-2022 workplan
Report - ESAC Work Plan
Doc 1 - ESAC Workplan - 2020-22 (REV-02-10-2020)
Doc 2 - ESAC TOR (EN)
climate change master plan - energy evolution: ottawa's community energy transition strategy final report
Report - CCMP-EE Final Report (EN)
Report - CCMP-EE Final Report (FR)
Doc 1 - EE Strategy (EN).pdf
Doc 1 - EE Strategy (FR).pdf
Doc 2 - Appendix A DMA Manual.pdf
Doc 3 - Appendix B Business As Planned Report Final.pdf
Doc 4 - Appendix C Pathway Studies.pdf
Doc 5 - Appendix D Technical Report.pdf
Doc 6 - Appendix E Modelling Ottawas GHG Emissions to 2050.pdf
Doc 7 - Appendix F Project Overviews FINAL.pdf
Doc 8 - Appendix G Summary of Energy Evolution Projects FINAL.pdf
Doc 9 - Appendix H Cost Catalogue.pdf
Doc 10 - EE Phase 1
Doc 11 - Proposed HODS Spending Plan.pdf
lemieux island water purification plant project update
IPD A - Lemieux Island

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Committee Members:
Name Last Email Phone
Riley Brockington riley.brockington@ottawa.ca 613-580-2486
Jean Cloutier jean.cloutier@ottawa.ca 613-580-2488
George Darouze george.darouze@ottawa.ca 613-580-2490
Keith Egli keith.egli@ottawa.ca 613-580-2479
Allan Hubley allan.hubley@ottawa.ca 613-580-2752
Rawlson King rideaurockcliffeward@ottawa.ca 613-580-2483
Catherine McKenney catherine.mckenney@ottawa.ca 613-580-2484
Shawn Menard capitalward@ottawa.ca 613-580-2487
Scott Moffatt scott.moffatt@ottawa.ca 613-580-2491