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confirmation of minutes
confirmation of the regular and in camera minutes of the council meeting of july 15, 2020.
the following communications were received
amo policy update - orders extended, new direction regarding facilities
amo policy update - new recreational facility guidance, canada healthy communities initiative, and 2021-22 connecting links program
amo policy update - municipal emergency fiscal relief, quarter 1 fiscal and covid-19 action plan updates
amo policy update - court security funding review, cctv grant program, windsor-essex goes to stage 3
amo policy update - child care funding and community safety initiatives
amo policy update - covid-19 infrastructure program and non-profit support
amo policy update - back-to-school plan, child care, and long-term care reports released
amo policy update - stage 3 reopenings and the long-term care commission launch
amo policy update - $4b municipal announcement, provincial emergency ended, provincial orders, and rural economic development
amo policy update - ontario legislature recessed, standing committee now looking at infrastructure, stage 3 openings information
occ 20-13 - cannabis retail concentration
Inquiry OCC-20-13_Fleury_Cannabis Retail Concentration - Bilingual.pdf
occ 20-14 - by-law services matter
Inquiry OCC 20-14_McKenney Brockington_Bylaw Services Matter-Final.docx
other communications received:
memo from the general manager, planning, infrastructure and economic development regarding the soundstage campus & creative hub loan agreement report, approved at the finance and economic development committee meeting of march 9, 2020.
covid-19 remarks by mayor watson
verbal updates
ottawa public health / city manager
covid-19 verbal updates
emergency and protective services
temporary mandatory mask by-law - update
Report - TMMB amendments - Aug 2020.docx
Document 1 - TMMB amendments -Aug 2020.doc
city clerk
status update - council inquiries and motions for the period ending august 21, 2020
Report - Status Update Outstanding Council Inquiries, Motions and Directions - August, 2020_ACS2020-OCC-OCC-0011_.pdf
Document 2 - Departmental Log of Outstanding Motions and Directions August 2020.pdf
rental housing property management by-law and rental accommodation study update
Report - Rental Accommodations Study EN.pdf
Report - Rental Accommodations Study FR.pdf
CPSC Draft Minute Extract.pdf
Document 1 - Rental Housing Property Management By-law EN.pdf
Document 1 - Rental Housing Property Management By-law FR.pdf
Document 2 - Property Standards Amending By-law (Pest Control) EN.pdf
Document 2 - Property Standards Amending By-law (Pest Control) FR.pdf
Document 3 - Integrated Pest Management EN.pdf
Document 3 - Integrated Pest Management FR.pdf
accessibility advisory committee 2020-2022 work plan
AAC 2020-2022 Workplan Report (EN).pdf
CPSC Draft Minute Extract.pdf
application for demolition and new construction at 189 stanley avenue, a property located in the new edinburgh heritage conservation district, designated under part v of the ontario heritage act
Report - 189 Stanley Ave.pdf
Extract of Draft Minutes.pdf
Document 4 - Proposed Site Plan.pdf
Document 5 - Elevations and Floor Plans.pdf
Document 6 - Streetscape and Renderings.pdf
Document 7 - Landscape Plan.pdf
Document 8 - Tree Disclosure Report.pdf
Document 10 - Cultural Heritage Impact Statement.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D09-04-20-0002
application to alter to the booth street bridge, 9 fleet street, a property designated under part iv of the ontario heritage act
Report - 9 Fleet St.pdf
Extract of Draft Minutes.pdf
Document 8 - Heritage Impact Statement.pdf
Document 9 - Heritage Brief.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D09-04-20-0010
bulk consent agenda
community and protective services committee report 12
commemorative naming proposal - julie dunnigan room
Report - CN Julie Dunnigan Room.pdf
commemorative naming proposal - laurier carri're park
Report - CN Laurier Carrière Park.pdf
commemorative naming proposal - sandy ruckstuhl gridirons
Report - CN Sandy Ruckstuhl.pdf
commemorative naming proposal - steve bonk administrative building
Report - CN Steve Bonk.pdf
commemorative naming proposal - wrens way
Report - CN WRENS Way.pdf
commemorative naming proposal - george brancato park
Report - CN George Brancato.pdf
city clerk
summary of oral and written public submissions for items subject to the planning act 'explanation requirements' at the city council meeting of july 15, 2020
Summary of Submissions - Planning Matters approved July 15, 2020.docx
Document 1 - Summary of submissions-ACS2020-PIE-PS-0050_Zoning_70 Gloucester_89 and 91 Nepean.docx
Document 2 - Summary of submissions-ACS2020-PIE-PS-0062_Zoning_246 Gilmour.docx
Document 3 - Summary of submissions-ACS2020-PIE-PS-0067_Zoning_244 Fountain.docx
Document 4 - Summary of submissions-ACS2020-PIE-PS-0066_Zoning_1110 Fisher.docx
Document 5 - Summary of submissions-ACS2020-PIE-PS-0061_Zoning_24-30 Pretoria.docx
Document 6 - Summary of submissions-ACS2020-PIE-PS-0022_OP and Zoning_1178 Cummings_1098 Ogilvie.docx
Document 7 - Summary of submissions-ACS2020-PIE-PS-0074_Zoning_parts of Canfield and Parkmount.docx



Motion Yes No Absent/Recused
Motion To: WHEREAS the proposed Rental Housing Property Management By-law requires landlords and property managers to maintain a registry in respect of any request for accommodation voluntarily made by a tenant, including those related to evacuation from a building, vital service disruptions, or other matters of concern, and this has been called the “special assistance registry” in the proposed by-law; AND WHEREAS the Chair of the City’s Accessibility Advisory Committee has provided input to remove or modify the use of the words “special” and “assistance” from the context of the proposed registry in order to reflect the rights of persons to request accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code and that these rights are part of the usual course of business rather than a special process; BE IT RESOLVED that the proposed Rental Property Management By-law be amended to: 1. Remove the expression “special assistance registry” wherever it appears in the by-law and replac
S. Moffatt
E. El-Chantiry
M. Fleury
J. Harder
J. Cloutier
J. Watson
J. Sudds
J. Leiper
G. Gower
A. Hubley
R. Brockington
G. Darouze
M. Luloff
K. Egli
T. Tierney
C. Meehan
L. Dudas
S. Menard
C. McKenney
T. Kavanagh
R. King
R. Chiarelli (a)
D. Deans (a)

Public Comment Contact Information

Everyone is entitled to attend committee meetings and provide a verbal statement (up to 5 minutes long) before Councillors vote on each agenda item. If you are not able to attend a meeting, you can also email your comments to councillors. Either way, your statements become part of the official record - and this is the single most important step to shaping the outcome of your city.

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Committee Members:
Name Last Email Phone
Riley Brockington 613-580-2486
Rick Chiarelli 613-580-2478
Jean Cloutier 613-580-2488
George Darouze 613-580-2490
Diane Deans 613-580-2480
Laura Dudas 613-580-2472
Keith Egli 613-580-2479
Eli El-Chantiry 613-580-2475
Mathieu Fleury 613-580-2482
Glen Gower 613-580-2476
Jan Harder 613-580-2473
Allan Hubley 613-580-2752
Theresa Kavanagh 613-580-2477
Rawlson King 613-580-2483
Jeff Leiper 613-580-2485
Matthew Luloff 613-580-2471
Catherine McKenney 613-580-2484
Carol Anne Meehan 613-580-2751
Shawn Menard 613-580-2487
Scott Moffatt 613-580-2491
Jenna Sudds 613-580-2474
Tim Tierney 613-580-2481
Vacant Vacant 613-580-2489
Jim Watson 613-580-2496