Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

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minutes 13 - meeting of 3 march 2016 of the agriculture and rural affairs committee
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-13-0026
Possibly related devapp: D01-01-16-0007
Possibly related devapp: D07-16-18-0023
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-18-0076
minutes 14 - meeting of 12 april 2016 of the agriculture and rural affairs committee
DRAFT Minutes 14 (EN).pdf
status update - agriculture and rural affairs committee inquiries and motions - for the period ending 8 april 2016
Report - Status Update.docx
Document 1 - Outstanding Motions - Departmental Log - Apr 1.pdf
faulkner municipal drain - appointment of engineer
Report - Appoint Engineer FaulknerMD.docx
Document 1 - Faulkner MD s78 location plan.pdf
zoning by-law amendment - part of 3244 shea road
Report - 3244 Shea Road - ARAC Report.docx
Document 3 - Shea 3244 - data sheet.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D07-16-18-0024
zoning by-law amendment - part of 4740 john shaw road
Report - John Shaw Road 4740.docx
Document 3 - John Shaw Road West 4740 - data sheet.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-15-0085
official plan and zoning - amendments to the flood plain mapping - phase 1
Report - Flood Plain Mapping.docx
Document 4 - Part 1 - ARAC Key Map.pdf
Document 4 - Part 2 - maps for ARAC part 1.docx
Document 4 - Part 3 - maps for ARAC part 2.docx
Document 4 - Part 4 - maps for ARAC part 3.docx
Document 5 - Part 1.pdf
Document 5 - Part 2 - maps for PC part 1.docx
Document 5 - Part 3 - maps for PC part 2.docx
Document 5 - Part 4 - Maps for pc part 3.docx
zoning - part of 5883 mccordick road
Report - McCordick 5883.docx
Document 3 - McCordick 5883 - data sheet.pdf
zoning by-law amendment - part of 6096 third line road
Report - 6096 Third Line Road.docx
Document 3 - Third Line 6096 - data sheet.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00417
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00418
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00345
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00346
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00382
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00383
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00362
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00363
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00423
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00428
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00439
Possibly related devapp: D08-02-15/A-00391
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00445
Possibly related devapp: D08-02-15/A-00312
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-15-0084
comprehensive zoning by-law 2008-250: omnibus amendments q2 2016
Report - Omnibus Amendments.docx
the meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.
court of revision
o'keefe municipal drain - court of revision

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Everyone is entitled to attend committee meetings and provide a verbal statement (up to 5 minutes long) before Councillors vote on each agenda item. If you are not able to attend a meeting, you can also email your comments to councillors. Either way, your statements become part of the official record - and this is the single most important step to shaping the outcome of your city.

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Committee Members:
Name Last Email Phone
George Darouze 613-580-2490
Eli El-Chantiry 613-580-2475
Allan Hubley 613-580-2752
Scott Moffatt 613-580-2491
Vacant Vacant 613-580-2489