Tim Chadder

Works on 6 lobbying files for these clients:

East Gateway Properties Limited    J. L. Richards & Associates    J.L. Richards & Associates    Sapphire    United Parcel Service    Urbandale Corporation   

Client Issue Date Activity Lobbied
J.L. Richards & Associates Meeting with City Staff to review JLR capabilities in provision of consulting services for building related projects 2017-11-22 Meeting Smith, Andy : Mgr, Design & Construction Branch 1
    2017-11-22 Meeting Scott, Ryan : Prg Mgr, Design & Const - Bldgs
    2017-11-22 Meeting Heath, Donald : Sr Prj Mgr, Prj Mgmt Coordinator
United Parcel Service Staff review of technical study not completed 2016-10-26 Meeting Snedden, Lee Ann : Chief, Development Review Services
    2016-10-26 Meeting Moser, John : GM, Planning, Infrastructure & Eco Dev
East Gateway Properties Limited Official Plan Amendment for Extension of Trickle Feed Water System 2014-10-01 Meeting Thompson, Doug : Councillor, Ward 20
Urbandale Corporation City Initiated Zoning By-law to review building heights in Kanata. Meeting with Senior staff due to lack of responses from staff to submissions made during the process where staff sought public input 2014-07-08 Meeting Hubley, Allan : Councillor, Ward 23
    2014-06-25 Meeting Snedden, Lee Ann : Mgr, Policy Development & Urban Design
    2014-06-25 Meeting Moser, John : GM, Planning & Growth Management
J. L. Richards & Associates Consulting Services 2014-02-10 Meeting Hussar, Paul : Mgr, Design & Construction, Bldg & Parks
    2014-02-10 Meeting Duclos, Carina : Mgr, Infrastructure Services Special Prj
    2014-02-10 Meeting Carkner, Linda : Mgr, Design & Construction - Mun (West)
    2014-02-10 Meeting Newell, Wayne : GM, Infrastructure Services
    2014-02-10 Meeting Gonthier, Alain : Mgr, Asset Management
    2014-02-10 Meeting Colaiacovo, Claudio : Mgr, Project and Business Services
    2014-02-10 Meeting Manconi, Marco : Mgr, Design & Construction - Lansdowne
    2014-02-10 Meeting Ghadban, Ziad : Mgr, Design & Construction - Mun (East)
    2014-02-10 Meeting Carreira, Jennifer : Coord, Dept Strategic Initiatives
Sapphire Security Reductions 2013-11-27 Telephone Moodie, Derrick : Mgr, Development Review - Rural
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