Simon Dwyer

Works on 3 lobbying files for these clients:


Client Issue Date Activity Lobbied
Bell Smart City 2018-04-27 Meeting Gravel, Mathieu : Director, Issues and Outreach
    2018-04-27 Meeting Arpin, Serge : Chief of Staff
Bell Economic Development and Service improvements initiatives 2017-10-20 Meeting Willis, Stephen : GM, Planning, Infrastructure & Eco Dev
    2017-10-20 Meeting Gravel, Mathieu : Director, Issues and Outreach
    2017-10-20 Meeting Doherty, Sheilagh : Prg Mgr, High Economic Impact Projects
Bell present counter arguments to ones brought forth by Councillor Jeff Leiper Motion in Bell Canada appeal of CRTC ruling. 2016-02-24 Meeting Mitic, Jody : Councillor, Ward 2
    2016-02-23 Meeting Harder, Jan : Councillor, Ward 3
    2016-02-23 Meeting Taylor, Mark : Councillor, Ward 7
    2016-02-23 Meeting Fleury, Mathieu : Councillor, Ward 12
    2016-02-23 Meeting Hubley, Allan : Councillor, Ward 23
    2016-02-22 Meeting Moffatt, Scott : Councillor, Ward 21
    2016-02-22 Meeting Cloutier, Jean : Councillor, Ward 18
    2016-02-18 Meeting El-Chantiry, Eli : Councillor, Ward 5
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