Peter Mallory

Works on 1 lobbying files for these clients:


Client Issue Date Activity Lobbied
CEO Met with Counil Members aand senior City staff to discuss challenges with how the City of Ottawa is procuring and managing its projects and engaging engineering services. Affected City Wards: All Clie 2015-11-24 Meeting Taylor, Mark : Councillor, Ward 7
    2015-11-24 Meeting Jasmin, Isabelle : Deputy City Treasurer Corporate Finance
    2015-11-24 Meeting Byrne, Jeff : Chief Procurement Officer
    2015-11-24 Meeting Newell, Wayne : GM, Infrastructure Services
    2015-11-24 Meeting Egli, Keith : Councillor, Ward 9
    2015-11-24 Meeting Moser, John : DCM, Planning & Infrastructure
    2015-11-24 Meeting Deans, Diane : Councillor's Assistant
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