David Zurawel

Works on 3 lobbying files for these clients:

Consulting Engineers of Ontario    Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO)   

Client Issue Date Activity Lobbied
Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) Address infrastructure procurement challenges facing the consulting engineering industry and the city. Beginning with amalgamation, the role of the consulting engineer has changed dramatically at the 2019-07-25 Meeting Leiper, Jeff : Councillor, Ward 15
    2019-04-09 Meeting Meehan, Carol Anne : Councillor, Ward 22
    2019-04-09 Meeting Gower, Glen : Councillor, Ward 6
    2019-04-09 Meeting Moffatt, Scott : Councillor, Ward 21
    2019-04-09 Meeting McLeod, Jonathan : Councillor's Assistant
    2019-04-09 Meeting Dreessen, Lina : Councillor's Assistant
    2019-04-09 Meeting Menard, Shawn : Councillor, Ward 17
    2019-04-09 Meeting Kavanagh, Theresa : Councillor, Ward 7
Consulting Engineers of Ontario Circulated to elected officials and city staff member advisory detailing City of Ottawa policy requiring engineering firms to provide a minimum 10% discount on fees for professional services for call- 2016-04-05 Email Newell, Wayne : GM, Infrastructure Services
    2016-04-05 Email Kirkpatrick, Kent : City Manager
    2016-04-05 Email Harder, Jan : Councillor, Ward 3
    2016-04-05 Email Moser, John : DCM, Planning & Infrastructure
    2016-04-05 Email Hughes, Ken : Auditor General
    2016-04-05 Email Watson, Jim : Mayor/Maire
    2016-04-05 Email McDonald, Will : Chief Procurement Officer
    2016-04-05 Email Hubley, Allan : Councillor, Ward 23
Consulting Engineers of Ontario CEO senior staff and Ottawa Chapter members met with Council Members and senior City staff to discuss challenges with how the City is procuring and managing its projects and engaging engineering servi 2015-11-24 Meeting Cohen, Darrin : Councillor's Assistant
    2015-11-24 Meeting Wittet, Jeremy : Councillor's Assistant
    2015-11-24 Meeting Fleury, Mathieu : Councillor, Ward 12
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