In favour of the City of Ottawa using agencies, such as Eagle, to engage IT resources.


Bryce Healey


Eagle Professional Resources

Date Activity Lobbied
2014-02-24 Meeting Matthews, Kathy : IT Business Partner 2014-02-24
2013-08-29 Meeting Tovey, Cathy : Prj Mgr, Enterprise Solutions 2013-08-29
2013-08-28 Meeting Delage, Robert : Mgr, Transit Info Technology Project 2013-08-28
2013-08-26 Meeting Wyman, Laine : Prg Mgr, GIS and Citizen Centric Project 2013-08-26
2013-08-23 Meeting Lassey, Steve : Prg Mgr, Enterprise Architecture Srvcs 2013-08-23
2013-07-04 Meeting MacDonald, Jann : Prg Mgr, Business Plng & Transformation 2013-07-04
2013-06-19 Meeting McKercher, Susan : Prj Mgr, Enterprise Solutions 2013-06-19
2013-06-10 Meeting Beingessner, Anne : Prg Mgr, Sys Int & Business Sys Pjcts 2013-06-10
2013-06-07 Meeting Mahood, Deanna : Prg Mgr, Enterprise Systems Operations 2013-06-07

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