Zoning By-law Amendment: Proposed rezoning from R1FF to R2D to permit two long semi-detached units. No reductions in performance standards would be required in the proposed zoning. View application on ottawa.ca

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WardWard 8 - COLLEGE - Rick Chiarelli
Address (Zoning) 191 NORICE (R2D)
Title Modified
2020-11-09 - Application Summary - 2020-11-10
perspectives 191 Norice 2020-11-10
Planning Rationale 191 Norice 2020-11-10
2020-10-27 - Proposed Plans - 2020-11-03
2020-10-27 - Topographic - 2020-11-03
Date Status
2020-11-12 Comment Period in Progress
2020-11-03 Community Heads Up - supporting documents to be posted later during circulation period

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