Zoning By-law Amendment: The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment application to change the zoning from a Minor Institutional Zone to a Business Park Industrial Zone which permits a variety of office and light industrial uses. The amendment also includes a site specific exception that allows for the following additional uses automobile body shop, heavy equipment and vehicle sales, rental and servicing, retail food store, retail store and storage yard. View application on ottawa.ca

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WardWard 9 - KNOXDALE-MERIVALE - Keith Egli
Address (Zoning) 1970 MERIVALE (IP[2596])
22 SLACK (IP[2596])
Title Modified
2019-06-18 - Application Summary - 2019-06-18
2019-06-11 - Planning Rationale - 2019-06-03
2019-06-11 - Existing Site Services Plan - 2019-05-31
2019-06-11 - Site Plan and Landscape Plan - 2019-05-31
2019-06-11 - Assessment of Adequacy of Public Services Report - 2019-05-23
2019-06-11 - Survey Plan - 2019-05-23
2019-06-11 - Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Report - 2019-02-14
Date Status
2019-12-30 Zoning By-law in Effect
2019-12-09 By-law Passed - In Appeal Period
2019-11-27 Application Approved by Council
2019-10-11 Notice of Public Meeting Sent
2019-07-19 Application File Pending
2019-06-19 Comment Period in Progress
2019-06-14 Community Heads Up - supporting documents to be posted later during circulation period

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