Zoning By-law Amendment: City Initiated - Amendments are proposed to update the flood plain mapping in the Zoning By-law. This is the third of a series of amendments in a multi-year program to implement updated flood plain mapping received from the Conservation Authorities. Phase 3 of the amendments will affect lands adjacent to the following watercourses Constance Bay / Ottawa River (Ward 5); Shirley's Brook & Watt's Creek / Kizell Drain (Ward 4, 5 & 7); Flowing Creek & Hobbs Drain (Ward 21); Kings Creek (Ward 21); Nichols Creek (Ward 21); Various locations along Poole Creek (Ward 6, 21) & Carp River (Ward 5, 6 & 23); Stevens Creek (Ward 21); Becketts Creek (Ward 19); Various location along Feedmill Creek (Wards 4,6) & Carp River (Ward 4); South Bear Brook Watershed and McKinnons, East Savage & McFadden Watershed (Ward 2, 10, 19 & 20); Middle Castor River, Buckle's Creek & Ebbers Creek (Ward 20). View application on ottawa.ca

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Address (Zoning)
Title Modified
2019-07-11 - Application Summary - 2019-07-11
Date Status
2019-10-23 Amendment Approved by Council
2019-09-23 Notice of Public Meeting Sent
2019-07-12 Comment Period in Progress
2019-07-11 Community Heads Up - supporting documents to be posted later during circulation period

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